Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Support an act of self-determination for Australians!

It's time for the good citizens of the world to call for an act of self-determination for the Australian people. For thirty years the indigenous people of Australia have suffered through a false act of free choice held in 1967, when the government of the Commonwealth of Australia invited White people to vote to compulsorily make the indigenous people of Australia citizens of the Commonwealth of Australia.

The Australians have become a minority in their own land through goverment policies of trans-migration from other parts of the white world, supplanting the indigenous inhabitants with immigrants of an alien culture and religion. They followed practices of genocide, with driving the Australians from their land through policies such as terra nullis and stealing children from their families to be raised as domestic servants for the immigrants. Hundreds of thousands died as a result of the invasion. The Commonwealth of Australia continues to this day to rape the Australian people's landscape including mining resources such as uranium, iron ore and coal and send the bulk of the profits to major cities such as Sydney, Perth and Brisbane, with almost no benefits to the indigenous people. They continue to enforce foreign laws based on a foreign culture and religion, and treat these laws as superior to those of the indigenous Australians.

The Australians never consented to this policy and like all indigenous people are entitled by international law to an act of self-determination. Aboriginal Australia is not part of the
Commonwealth of Australia, never was a part of the Commonwealth of Australia and never will be a part of the Commonwealth of Australia.

This piece is intended to be satirical, in response to the mostly internet based advocacy by usually right-wing anti-multiculturalists for indepence in Papua. I am not an Aboriginal Australian and do not pretend to represent their views. I have no firm views myself on Papua as my knowledge of the topic is limited. However, I find it ironic that from a country where most of us are ethnically foreign some in Australia can be so ideological about the sheer outrageousness of a mainly ethnic Javanese government ruling ethnically different indigenous people and exploiting their land without providing them with their fair share. It seems to me that there is one standard of self-determination applied in one case and another we want to implement in our own country, which is far, far larger and even though we have a much smaller, richer population which is certainly far more foreign from our own indigenous people. I suspect that the right-wing advocacy of the Papuan cause has far more to do with irrational hatred for the Indonesians - something in plague proportions in this country - than genuine concern for Papuans.